Women empowerment

CAEPA Cameroon as a women led organization works to challenge sterotypes that keep women in bondage. Violence against women (VAW) particularly Domestic Violence (DV) is widespread in the North West (NW) and South West (SW) regions of Cameroon at all socio-economic levels and amongst all ethnic groups. Forms of abuse include beating, rape, assault, trafficking, murder, humiliation, prostitution, child/early forced marriages, restriction of social contacts and mobility, harassment or being forced to undergo so-called “harmful practices” such as widowhood rites and practices, female genital mutilation. With little tradition of participation in social and political life, women are excluded from key decision-making arenas that impact on their lives. Lack of formal education has limited their ability to form alliances with other groups or to organise for collective action.

We believe that when people facing injustice come together to understand their situation, put in the open what is often hidden, they can identify solutions, and work collectively to demand or create a more just reality.  What they need are resources, knowledge, allies and constant support in order to succeed.