Our team

Doh Justine Nahdih Board Chair is a seasoned educationist who has held different post of responsibilities and served in different levels from the ministry of basic to secondary education in Cameroon. A women’s right advocate challenging stereotypes as a member of the Balikumbat Traditional Council in the North West Region of Cameroon. Women’s coordinator for Gender Based Violence programmes under the Cameroon Ministry of women empowerment and the family and Councilor for the Balikumbat Council.

Ms Ongie Rose Mukete. Seasoned environmentalist. Has serve in  different position under the Cameroon Ministry of Environment the Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development. A passionate woman’s right activists for climate and environmental justice for women in rural Cameroon. diverse experiences social /institutional development , community wildlife management, community mobilization for sustaianable natural resource management, agricultural extension, and a wildlife management.

Ngwa Martha Nkemboh. A seasoned educationist serving under the Cameroon Ministry of Secondary Education. Passionate mother for single mothers and vulnerable children in the North West Region of Cameroon




Keghah Roger Nuah is a trainer in Sustainable agriculture. He has trained several youth and women farming groups in rural North West Cameroon on ways to improve harvest yields, crop quality, and plant uniformity. He has carried out several research on the impacts of climate change on smallholder farmers and pastoralist and has coordinated several climate change adaptation projects for small holders farmers in Cameroon. He continues with his passion of helping small holder farmers save water, reduce fertilizer and pesticide use, and improve the livelihood of farmers and their farms in Cameroon. Keghah Roger Nuah is a consultant for Sustainable Agriculture and offers his world of knowledge to other farming organisations, universities and research institution in Cameroon and across the African Continent.




Nji Immaculate Neng– Programme Coordinator/Accountant. Holder of B-Tech in Business Finance and Management with over six year experience in the micro finance sector. Coordinated several projects on empowering Farmers in the North West like the AGRIFIN Project sponsored by CamCCUL/World Bank and MINEPAT/PNDP on improving the livelihood of small scale farmers and their families in the North West Region of Cameroon.


Nyandoh Paho Tadfor holder of M.Sc. Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Buea, project and communication officer of CAEPA Cameroon




Cameroon is a highly conscientious and seasoned development and communication worker with 6 years practical experience, selfless with passion to bring about social change and improve the quality of life especially to the underprivileged and vulnerable individuals, families and the communities. She is highly trustworthy, ethical, discreet, committed to the community. Confident and poised in interactions with individuals at all levels; detail orientated and resourceful in completing projects; able to multitask effectively and under tight deadlines. She demonstrate excellent familiarity with community building strategies; expertise in community programmes and resource use; outstanding skills in identifying and raising public awareness of important community issues; exceptional creative and critical thinking skills; strong problem-solving and analytical abilities; high written and verbal communication skills.