Material support

1. Book Donations

CAEPA recognizes the importance of information management. As an organization who relies on sharing information with funders, partners, other organizations and community members, CAEPA has been quite active in building a library that is accessible to community members. CAEPA is always interested in expanding its library collection. If you have books or magazines you would like to donate to our library please contact us.

 2. Office supply support

CAEPA Cameroon can always make use of office supplies and equipment such as computers, laptops, stationary etc.  If you would like to donate any supplies or equipment please contact us.  Some items that are currently in high need are GPS equipment, V-sats, laptops, and USB flash keys.

Technical Support

CAEPA is always looking for volunteers to provide technical support and capacity building.  If you are interesting in finding out more about volunteer opportunities at CAEPA please the volunteering with us page.