General info

Community Agricultural and Environmental Protection Association (CAEPA) Cameroon is non-progit organization. It was initiated by a group of women working with women seeking to improved their agricultural production and productivity through environment friendly and sustainable practices.

CAEPA Cameroon was created in 2009 and legalized in the year 2011 under Cameroon Law No. 90-53 of 19/12/90  related to Associations that conferred  its legal personality via Reference No. 58/E.29/1111/Vol.8/APPB. Since 2009, its activities have expanded to address issues of natural resource rights, climate and environmental justice, and their connection to land degradation, poverty and violence against women/girls and HIV problematics.

CAEPA’s Vision statement

Vulnerable and marginalized women and girls have equal access to resources for sustainable development within a supportive environment that enhances the respect of their right, dignity and well-being.


  • Equality opportunities
  • Respect
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Fairness/Equity
  • Honesty


Facilitate access to natural resource facilities and information for vulnerable and marginalized women and girls to enable them achieve better quality of living.


CAEPA operates through the following method:

  •  Sensitization and Training
  • Micro credit schemes
  • Creation of groups/clubs
  • Field follow up visits
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Demonstration
  • Coaching