Empowering Women through Cooperatives in rural Cameroon

Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association Cameroon is changing lives for rural women in Benakuma Mechum Valley Sub Division and in Balikumbat Sub Division. Two cooperative societies have been created(Benakuma Multipurpose Cooperative Society LTD and the Balikumbat Mixed Farmers Cooperative Society LTD). 

Through these cooperatives, women can access interest-free loans to start up petty business. **Testimony from Mrs. Solange** 

 She owns a tailoring workshop but said her machine was bad and she did not have a machine to zig-zag her dresses but that with the loan, she was able to buy a new one which could zig zag and that she was able to buy some dresses and sell at Christmas and New Year. She is almost through with the reimbursement. She will still continue without any problem since she now owns a new machine. The loan has help her so much. She can now feed her children support basic educational needs as well as medical bills without depending totally on her husband.

 Kuluh Colbertine benefitted 100,000frs from CAEPA and that she used the money to start poultry and that presently, she has 17 chickens. She said she was just a farmer but since the climate has been changing causing crops not to do well, she had to do something extra so as to be able to take care of her family. She said apart from just having the fowls, she use their dung as manure on her farm which helps to make her crops to grow well. She equally said if she can benefit for another round, she will be able to stand on her own, because she has so many responsibilities to attend to. The fowls are close to two months now and Aime advised her to sell them so as to start raising another set as to have a quick turn over and make more profit.

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