Closed to 200 Widows Schooled on Widows Rights

Some Close to 200 women in Balikumbat subdivision of the Northwest Region have been schooled on the rights of widows in their community on Wednesday September, 9th, 2019.
Organized by a Non-Governmental Organization known as Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Assistance [CAEPA], the project targeted women and widows which took place in the presence of some of the traditional council members. In line with the code that governs widows, the women were schooled on how to advocate, lobby for the right of widows in their community especially widowhood rituals so as not to be treated as second class citizens or the minority.
Presenting the widow’s code, lobby, and advocacy, the women were quite satisfied with the workshop as the workshop to them is an eye-opener.
, I am very grateful for attaining such a workshop on the rights of widows which is very timely in our community. For I went through a lot when my husband died, I was poorly treated I had to sleep on the floor with heavy pregnancy all in the name of widowhood rituals and traditional rites. I thank God for this workshop which has educate me to be an advocate for women’s rights and say No to violence against women and widows in order for my younger sisters not to experience what I went through all in the name of tradition,, one of the youngest participant Shuva Sandrine a 25years old widow lamented.
According to one of the widows leaders Mama Gatun Lucy says ,, their right where been violated after the death of their husbands and they are very satisfied with the workshop for each widow here is going back home today very satisfied with the massage for to them, it has lifted the burden they had in mind concerning widows hood as they are now ambassadors to fight for the right of women and widows not only in their families but also in their communities and also at the level of the government. She added that they are going to join their voices with those of human right commissions to fight for the abolition of widowhood rituals which is so devilish and the ideology of women or widows being treated as second class citizens or the minority in the society.
The workshop which was heavily attainted by some members of the traditional council expressed gratitude to the organization CAEPA for their gesture that falls in line with modernism. The head of the traditional council Mr. Kirtsa Sebastian Degha says,’’ I thank the CEAPA for bringing such initiative to the people of this community which to me is a good one for the world is evolving and some certain traditions which are old fashion and barbaric needs to be eradicated out of our community. Change is something we all need and some of our traditional practices also need to be change’’. He said.
At the end of the workshop, widows federations were created with those to govern them being elected. This executive were voted from the three villages that were present. 11 from Balikumbat, seven from Baligashu and seven from Baligansin

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