CAEPA Cameroon Tutored Peace Building Crusaders In Balikumbat Subdivision

Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Assistance (CAEPA Cameroon) have urged some
closed to 40 men, women and youths drown from four villages in Balikumbat subdivision of the
Northwest Region of Cameroon to refrain from both violence and hate speech which incites violence that
may lead to dreadful consequences. This during a two workshop in Balikumbat village, the locals where
drilled on tolerance promotion, forgiveness and reconciliation as indispensable tools for living in peace.
Speaking at the Workshop, the coordinator Madam Ngong Annabel, dwelled on the need for these locals
to eschew violence and for the need for dialogue and peace resolution of conflict to take place.
The workshop equally served as an opportunity for CAEPA Cameroon to strongly condemn any attempt to
jeopardize the sanctity of human life through any form of violence, reiterate the importance of averting
use of hate language to enflames their communities into violence and request all to resort to dialogue for
a peaceful and progressive community and to encourage each other.
One of the participants Madam Patience Lemma after the workshop was full of enthusiasm. To her, the
workshop has awakened her spirit of tolerance. ’’This workshop by CAEPA Cameroon will help me
facilitates the establishment of long-lasting peace and efforts to prevent the reoccurrence of conflict by
addressing the root causes and effect of conflict through reconciliation’’. She added that the workshop
has taught her forgiveness and reconciliation which is going to be her routine for it is the backbone for
peacebuilding. She noted that she will not preserve the message to herself but enchanting it back to her
According to Mr. Eric Tah, the workshop is so enriching as it has aided as an eye-opener, for he has
recognized that he has been undertaking so many wrong behaviors out of ignorance. ‘’I now understand
the concept of living together. To me, forgiveness and reconciliation has been so problematic for me to
take but just from attending this workshop my heart has become lighter all thanks to CAEPA Cameroon ‘’
he renowned.
At the end of the workshop, these close to 40 peace flag bearers who are to lead the dark path in their
communities to give way to the sun will have to educate them on tolerance promotion, forgiveness and
reconciliation as a mechanism for peacebuilding. Attestations of participation were awarded to these
peacebuilding ambassadors. Focused groups were also created to facilitate breaching and building
peace back at different levels in their communities.

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