CAEPA Cameroon shapes young men and women in leadership, business management

skills in Balikumbat Subdivision.
CAEPA Cameroon has empowered some 40 young men and women on leadership and business skills in
Balikumbat subdivision of the Northwest Region of Cameroon
The training aimed at empowering young men and women in leadership and business skills brought
together young men and women from different field of lives drown from various villages in this
CAEPA Cameroon training coordinator Madam Ngong Annabel stressed the great importance of
empowering young men and women in this subdivision, with the reason being that they want to increase
their participation particularly in field operations and technical positions.
‘’Our idea of the leadership and business skill is because we’ve discovered the socio-political crisis rocking
the two English speaking Regions of Cameroon has drastically affected a common man especially in this
part of the Northwest Region. The goal of our training program is to equip members of the community to
develop a business plan, start a new business and to support the growth and sustainability of their business.
The training is designed to be holistic, teaching them business and money management skills, savings
personal health, faith and conflict resolution techniques and teaching methods. The goal is for these men
and women to then have the ability to train other small business owners in their communities on the
same materials’’. She said.
Annabel further detailed’’ We offer sponsorships to provide funding for them to pursue their businesses.
CAEPA Cameroon train and coach these young people in business planning and marketing. This model
supports our goal to partner with communities to empower individuals with the resources needed to
successfully own small business providing sustainable support for their families and commerce for their
own communities’’.
To some of the participants, the training program has helped them to absorb new entrepreneurship skills,
knowledge, values and attitudes for their businesses. ‘‘I am very delighted to have partaken in this
workshop for this will play a pivotal role not only in the development of my business but also in the
development of Agriculture and services sector. I have been revealed today that agriculture and
entrepreneurship is the shortest path towards youth employability’’. Eric noted.
Added to this, another participant Mildred said, ‘’ I thank CAEPA Cameroon for this enriching workshop
which has equipped me with the knowledge and skills I need to manage money effectively. Without it, my
financial decisions and actions I take or don take lack an informed foundation to maximize their success. I
can proudly say that due to this workshop, I can now manage any business and money without any
difficulties as before’’.

The training session was crowned with the creation of self-help groups and their executives with the
aimed at carrying the knowledge acquired at the workshop to their various communities especially the
creation of local like njangi groups which can help them raise funds for their activities.

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