Bamenda Inhabitants Risks Cholera Epidemic Due to Abandoned Wastes

As public health officials step up Champaign’s to prevent cholera epidemic from crimping its way into Cameroon, nothing has been done, with the heaps of garbage abandoned within the city of Bamenda,
which poses serious threats of an imminent cholera outbreak.
The city of Bamenda has recently been facing a big challenge with garbage cleaning since the company in
charge slowed down its activities and even suspended at one time following regular attacks on workers
and equipment by suspected armed men.
Some few months back, it was alleged that a truck belonging to the garbage cleaning company Hysacam
was set ablaze at mile 4 Nkwen, while the injured workers were forced to flee for their lives.
The uncertainty in the city of Bamenda has thus plunged several neighborhoods to choke with
garbage, threatening the health of locals. It was in this light that the army once took to the street of
Bamenda to clean up the garbage and the various neighborhoods a new facelift.
Madam Josephine, a’’ Buyam Sellam ‘’, selling fish at the Bamenda food market, where heaps of
unattended waste, have been pilled for more two months says ‘’ I am an IDP from Santa Sub Division; I
have no space to sale in the market that is why I am selling beside the garbage. I must fend for myself and
for my family to make ends mean. That is why I am selling here and deep in me I know its not healthy due
to the fact that flies always leave the garbage and come to the fish I am selling’.’ she noted.
Also at the nkwen neighborhood in Bamenda, where, piles of garbage have been littered and abandoned
on the streets, Paul Che a bar owner around the Nkwen neighborhood says,’’ we are tired of living like
animals. Over two months now the company in charge of sanitation has not come to carry dirt which has
been polluting the whole area. This has made so many of my customers to stop drinking at my bar. The
garbage creates a lot of traffic around here rendering passage impossible’’. He narrated
On their part, an official of the cleaning company in Bamenda, revealed that their major challenges is the
damaged bridge preventing them from emptying the garbage at the landfill in Bafut.
‘’the damaged bridge at the road leading to the land-fill, where our trucks usually empties the wastes, is
now our major challenge’’, the source from Hysacam stated.
It is feared that if nothing is done to ameliorate the situation, the whole town will left in the shambles of
decomposing wastes. Inhabitants of the town also risk suffering from food poisoning given the fact that
most of those traders selling next to the garbage cans, sells mainly food items. for if the company in
charge of sanitation in the region doesn’t pick up its duties to save the lives of the locals, the eminent
risks of an epidemic may arise caused by abandoned wastes as the crisis persist.

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