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Helping families thrive in sustainable communities

We believe that when people facing injustice come together to understand their situation, put in the open what is often hidden, they can identify solutions, and work collectively to demand or create a more just reality. What they need are resources, knowledge, allies and constant support in order to succeed.

CAEPA Cameroon was founded in 2009, by a group of women seeking to improve their agricultural production systems by making them environmentally friendly and sustainable. In the following years, CAEPA’s activities have expanded to address issues of natural resource rights, climate and environmental justice and their connection to land degradation, poverty and violence against women/girls and HIV/AIDS.

CAEPA Cameroon was created in 2009 and legalized in 2011 under Cameroon Law No. 90-53 of 19/12/90 related to Associations that conferred its legal personality via Reference No. 58/E.29/1111/Vol.8/APPB.